The 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness


Your fastest and easiest way into the world of transfer success

As an HRD professional,



How do I make training more effective quickly? 

What does transfer success depend on?  

Which transfer tools can I use to make my next program even more effective? 

This is the workshop you need!


powered by the 12 Levers of Transfer effectiveness



Condensed 3-hour online workshop to easily fit into your schedule. 


50 best practice tools to use immediately for your trainings and development initiatives

Designed for success

Experience yourself  what transfer oriented trainings bring for learners


At the end of the Fast Track you'll say....

  • I know what transfer success depends on and how I can manage it.

  • ​I have more than 50 best practice tools that I can use to increase the effectiveness of training.

  • I have a method to easily win my internal and external clients for transfer measures.

  • I can immediately start making my training even more effective.


This Fast Track is perfect for you if you're an

Experienced HRD professional 

Such as
-HR manager
-HR developer
-L&D consultant
-Training designer

who believes that transfer effectiveness is not a catchword but a lived aspiration


"Very good, lots of input and more importantly, lots of inspiration for this hugely important topic. The whole process from A to Z was very professional as well as personal."

(Rolf Portmann, Roche Diagnostics International AG)

 "Sustainable investment in the purpose of L&D and a great way to quickly and effectively justify long-term cost management of input and outcome with the client."

(Gitta Stockmann, AOK Baden-Württemberg)

"The sleeves are rolled up and I am really keen to start using the transfer tools. Effective because Ina provided us with "hands on" material, and I can start with small steps. Pure admiration from my side at this point!"

(Julia Rimmele, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma)


Fast Track Online Workshop: € 588,- (incl. 20% VAT)


Your package includes

  • live online workshop (3 hours)

  • small learning group for extra intensity: max 8 people per event

  • the book "What Makes Training Really Work”

  • the Transfer Fast Track Kit with 50 best-practice tools for your next training

  • the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness card set


You're learning with Masha Ibeschitz

If there is a person in this world who has a "crush" on transfer and impact, it certainly is Masha Ibeschitz. For more than 20 years she is walking on executive floors: as a top executive coach, consultant, facilitator and leader herself.

She executives in globally operating companies how to deliver desired results and to develop their employees into people who excel with joy. 

She's a best-selling author, investor and currently serving as chairperson of Think Beyond and Chief Transfer Enabler at the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness.

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