Increase your leadership Impact!

Free up precious time for essential leadership tasks and learn how to surround yourself with highly capable, motivated people! 

Ten chapters of this book shed light on how Coaching tools can be used to develop your employees’ potential.

Real-life stories + hands-on tools that you can start using immediately. 


IMPACT answers questions such as:

  • What exactly is coaching – and what it is not?

  • What is the value of Coaching for you as a leader?

  • When to coach? And when not? 

  • Who is coachable after all? And how can you trigger individual solution-finding processes?


*** About IMPACT ***  

Employee development isn't magic. With a few coaching fundamentals, which any executive can easily learn from this book, it is possible to develop employees into top performers who will effectively contribute to thebusiness success of their company. In her book, Masha Ibeschitz, an expert who is at home in C suites around the world, shows how coaching works in day-to-day business. Her book is not meant for consultants or professional coaches, but for anyone who wants to practice agile leadership and give employees positive, effective guidance.
In 10 chapters, Impact sheds light on how coaching tools can be used to develop employees' potential. It answers questions such as: What is the value of coaching discussions? What exactly is coaching? What occasions are appropriate for coaching? Who is coachable? How does a coach trigger a solution? How does a coach make astute use of different types of questions?
The starting point is always a story from the author's own coaching experience, anonymized and altered to disguise real-life details. The take-aways relevant to the topic of each chapter are presented as briefly as possible and as extensively as necessary; info boxes provide a quick overview of specific concepts. Each chapter concludes with a summary of key points.


Hard Cover * 183 pages * Language: English * Publisher: Whiley-VCH



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