Success Reloaded - Use The Power Of Authenticity To Drive Success

What to do when a major career leap is imminent? How to create success on your terms? 

Success Reloaded, the most recent publication of top executive coach and leadership expert Masha Ibeschitz, is your book if you want to define and live your very own version of authenticity and success in business and life. 



Today, career planning focuses on the individual as a whole - or it runs the risk of failing in the long run. The next generation of executives does not merely want to function within a given framework. They want to see external success and meaningful action in harmony with family obligations and personal development goals. More than ever, the career path to a high level of responsibility requires reflection. This has been recognized by large companies, which support their top executive trainees with training and coaching in holistic career management. The book was developed out of the context of this practical work. There are countless business books that provide assistance to executives dealing with difficult tasks and conflict situations. Masha Ibeschitz's new book is one of the few that answers this question: What needs to be done when a major career leap is imminent? The book is an invitation to reflect on the past, present, and future of your own success. The goal is to make conscious and lasting career decisions.


Soft Cover * 222 pages * Language: English * Publisher: Tredition GmbH

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