The Dynamic Loop Method Whitepaper

This whitepaper explains the approach and value of the Dynamic Loop Method. It is a 5-phase method for short-term business goals and long-term employee development goals and is practically relevant for Human Resource Managers and L&D Leaders. It brings value to everyone seeking quality and agile solutions in their development initiatives.


Why the Dynamic Loop Method is necessary in today's business environment

Global conditions are changing dramatically

A fragmented, non-linear world is emerging before our eyes. There are many people who no longer understand what is happening. They are filled with worry. The positive new things that could emerge during the great upheaval on our planet are not even discernible at this point. Organizations continue to get caught in a whirlwind, pursuing an increasing number of business goals at the same time. Simultaneously, they are introducing agile methods across many levels. The more rapid and agile organizations become, the more challenging it becomes to precisely develop employees. But that‘s exactly what is needed to keep companies on track in turbulent times.

People in organizations require and seek efficient support

Due to the rapidly changing conditions within and outside an organization, employees are under high performance and time pressure. They must constantly adapt. In addition, young talents in particular are asking for purpose. They are questioning what is the most meaningful use of their scarce time and attention. Consequently, employees demand effective support from HR. They are keen to learn how to master their daily requirements quickly, effectively and seamlessly. Furthermore, it is important for many to make a sustainable contribution overall.

HR and organizational development initiatives need measurable impact

HR departments as well as their external partners are under unprecedented pressure to be efficient. It is no longer enough to set up training designs once and then shuffle employees through them for years - according to the motto „it will pay off in the long run“. In fact, with that strategy resources were often wasted in the past. But even agile and seemingly highly efficient methods such as e-learning certainly aren‘t a cure-all, because they often lack strategic input that ensures that learners are focused on development goals and real transfer that actually corresponds to the needs of the current business.

In order to overcome these leadership and development challenges, use the Dynamic Loop Method. Simply download our free Whitepaper and improve the impact of your initiatives.